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The eRubric was born from the work of a researchers and developers group in 2012. The team is excited creating new tools for improving teaching and learning processes. This tool comes from the experiences and efforts of previous projects in Gtea, where we experience new teaching scenarios, we seek and create technological solutions that meet these new realities. Since its inception until now, the eRubric has consistently evolved with the help of "Community eRubric". At first, eRubric only had access to the universities and some federated institutions, and was opened to Internet with Google and Facebook logins since 2015.


In its origin and from different completed projects, early versions were created. Once completed the projects, we are still maintaining and improving service with the same enthusiasm as at the beginning. However, it is welcome and grateful any voluntary collaboration in the form of donation to expand services (server expansions, tool optimization, creating new functions on demand ...).


Installation and training of eRubric

The eRubric team has supported to various institutions which asked us advice to install the software in their internal services, as well as, help teachers and students (online courses, seminars, workshops ...) to extract maximum performance and impact of the eRubric in the teaching and learning processes. We have had the honor to accompany in this learning to the following institutions: University of Extremadura (Spain), University of Francisco de Vitoria (Spain), Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), University of Malaga (Spain), CEP Algeciras (Cádiz), University of Vigo (Spain), University of Granada (Spain) University of Colima (Mexico), Sined (Mexico), University of Guadalajara (Mexico), Casa Grande University (Ecuador), Federal University of Parana (Brazil)...


Daniel Cebrián Robles

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