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Annotate and Share

Annotator Button Click the "Annotate" button to begin taking notes on the timeline. You can click and adjust the range slider handles to fine-tune the start and end times of your annotation. Enter your comment, add tags, keep the annotation private or share it with your friends and colleagues through email or social media.

Browse Annotations

Browse and Discover

View Annotations Button Click the "View Annotations" button to browse and discover other annotations. Annotations are stacked chronologically. Scroll through annotations using the mouse scroll wheel or trackpad. Mouse-over annotation bars to reveal comments and location. Click the yellow bar to playback the annotated video fragment.

Chart Annotations

Visualize and Analyze

Chart Annotations Button Click the "Chart Annotation" button to visualize where the annotations are taking place on the video timeline. This view gives you a quick "temperature" read of where the commenting activity is happening on the video. It displays the maximum peaks of all the annotations and the total number of annotations.

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